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    These courses are also available by contract at your location.


    Certificate Program in Safety Management Systems
    Safety Management Systems - Complete (SMS-C)
    Crew Resource Management (CRM)
    Flight Safety Officer Course (FSO)
    Human Error in Accident Prevention (HEAP)
    Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HFAM)
    Investigation in Safety Management Systems (ISMS)
    Leading Change in SMS (LCSMS)
    Operational Risk Management (ORM)
    Practical System Safety (PSS)
    Ramp and Maintenance Safety (RMS)
    SMS - Quality Assurance (SMSQA)

    These courses are also available by contract at your location.

    Over 3000 aviation professionals have been trained in SCSI’s SMS series courses.

    The transition to a Safety Management Systems (SMS) approach to aviation safety is underway and is now mandatory for all ICAO member states and aviation service providers. SCSI has been in the forefront of SMS training since 2002.

    SCSI’s SMS courses and certificate program have been developed and refined during these SMS transitional years to keep pace with developments, requirements, practical applications and lessons learned.

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    Certificate Program in Aircraft Accident Investigation
    Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI)
    Human Factors in Accident Investigation (HFAI)
    Advanced Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAAI)
    Air Traffic Control Investigation (ATCI)
    Aircraft Maintenance Investigation (AMI)
    Aircraft Performance Investigation (API)
    Cabin Accident Investigation (CAI)
    Electronic Systems Investigation (ESI)
    Fire and Explosion Investigation (FEI)
    Fixed Wing Accident Investigation and Reporting (FWIR)
    Flight Data Analysis (FDA)
    Flight Reconstruction from GPS Data (GPS)
    Gas Turbine Accident Investigation (GTAI)
    Helicopter Accident Investigation (HAI)
    Investigation Management (IM)
    Investigation Total Immersion (ITI)

    These courses are also available by contract at your location.

    There is an increasing need for well trained and qualified accident investigators throughout the aviation industry. New regulations and challenging accidents have and will continue to increase the demand for qualified, knowledgeable investigators.

    Helping to meet the need for trained accident investigators is the purpose of the SCSI Certificate in Aircraft Accident Investigation. This SCSI certificate formally acknowledges that you have received the training and possess the knowledge to succeed in the Aircraft Accident Investigation profession. This SCSI certificate program has been carefully designed by the SCSI instructional staff and covers the core areas of knowledge and training required in accident investigation. You will take classroom courses and spend time in the SCSI crash lab with "hands-on" investigation training as you complete this certificate program.

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