Advanced Aircraft Accident Investigation
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SCSI Certificate in AAI
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Registrar: Denise Davalloo
Course scheduled for:
07-11 Oct 2019
Long Beach

This course is also available by contract at your location.

Course Description

This course is an advanced investigation course in the field of aircraft accident investigation that is designed for a wide range of government, industry, and professional aviation safety investigators and managers. It is especially designed for those who will be investigators in charge (IICs) or who will have to manage or participate in accident investigations in a variety of settings and situations ranging from small local accidents to large international investigations. The principles covered in the course are applicable to both civil and military investigation management.

The course will discuss most topics from the basic Aircraft Accident Investigation course, but at a level that prepares investigators for greater roles and responsibilities in investigation leadership and management, such as those required in a major investigation. The main course topics are:

  • Project management and leadership
  • Investigation methodology
  • Inter-agency cooperation
  • Family relations
  • Media relations
  • Communications
  • Major accident investigation considerations
    • Initial response
    • Site management (safety, security, survey, recovery, etc.)
    • Personnel management and administration
    • Financial matters
    • Scope management
    • Insurance companies
    • Legal aspects
    • Safety action processes
  • Special investigation techniques
  • Wreckage reconstruction
  • Underwater recovery
  • Recorded data recovery and analysis
  • Use of simulators and cumputer simulations
  • Organizational investigations, including those with Safety Management Systems

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