Fixed Wing Accident Investigation and Reporting
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Registrar: Denise Davalloo
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Course Description

Fixed Wing Investigation and Reporting is a “hands on” course where attendees get a complete practice for investigation and reporting of an aircraft accident investigation. Attendees will conduct a structured investigation, work in teams and learn by doing. The investigation will be based on an actual accident recreated in the SCSI crash lab and consist of airframe, engines, and systems. This course will involve attendees in all elements of an aircraft accident investigation including the drafting of an accident report. Since this course is conducted as a contract course, the accident report will be prepared so as to meet the report requirements of the contracting agency. If no prescribed format is desired, then the report will be made under the auspices of ICAO Document 9756, vol 4.

During the course each attendee will work within a team to conduct wreckage examination, participate in deliberations, and prepare an accident investigation report to include fully developed findings, determination of causes and specific recommendations to prevent recurrence. Attendees will receive basic aircraft information, utilize aircraft specific additional reference materials and technical evaluations and visit wreckage in the SCSI crash lab. Each investigation team will present and defend their report to the SCSI instructional team.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Accident photography is used to document evidence and to illustrate the investigator's conclusions. There are many choices of media today, both chemical and electronic. In this course you will receive instruction in the use of both chemical and digital photography systems and have hands on experience with digital photography systems using the SCSI crash lab. Although digital cameras will be provided, you are encouraged to bring your own cameras that you will likely use on an investigation. This photography block of instruction parallels the photography block of instruction offered in the Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI) course. This course is a valuable follow-on for those who may have attended other qualified basic investigation training.

Who Should Attend

This course is for individuals who will conduct fixed wing aircraft accident investigations, either as a primary investigator, a group leader, or as a party to the investigation. The course assumes the participant will have taken at least a basic aircraft accident investigation course from a recognized source or has participated in sufficient accident/incident investigations to assure understanding of investigation procedure and techniques. (Basic investigation procedures and techniques will not be taught in this course.) This course will be particularly helpful to those who would like additional training in writing skills with emphasis on accident investigation report writing.

How You Will Benefit

  • Attendees will conduct a fixed wing aircraft accident investigation in its entirety from notification of an accident, through hands-on investigation and documentation of actual wreckage, to presenting and defending the accident report.
  • Attendees will extend their capabilities in investigation photography and enhance their report writing skills.
  • The Board of Certified Safety Professionals accepts this course for Continuation of Certification Credit.
  • SCSI will award 3.6 CEUs to each participant who successfully completes this course.

Course Topics

  • Aircraft accident notification and preliminary information.
  • Formation of the aircraft accident investigation team.
  • Managing an investigation.
  • Photography of the wreckage.
  • Team examination of aircraft wreckage with consultations with instructors who provide technical assistance.
  • Review of factual data and technical evaluations.
  • Formulation of hypotheses and deliberations within the team. Developing findings. Determining Causes.
  • Preparation of an abbreviated aircraft accident report with findings, causes and recommendations.
  • Writing Recommendations.
  • Presenting and defending reports and recommendations.

Course Administration

This course is a Contract-Only course which may be conducted anywhere or in Southern California. It consists of 4.5 training days (36 hours of classroom including the SCSI Crash Laboratory). The course begins on Monday at 0800 and ends at noon on the final class day. The Course Classroom will be available 24 hours a day to attendee teams. Attendees receive a course outline, additional reference materials and a Certificate of Completion. To contract with SCSI for this course, please contact the SCSI registrar at (A laptop computer and digital camera are highly desirable for this course.)

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