Aviation Maintenance Investigation (AMI)
Duration: 4.5 days
CEUs: 3.6
Tuition:  $2,875 USD 

Investigating the maintenance aspects of aviation accidents and incidents can frequently be a complex yet beneficial undertaking. As operators move towards second- and even third- tier outsourcing for their maintenance activities, the complexity of the maintenance-related aspects of accident and incident investigations continues to increase. Today's investigator, even if familiar with basic maintenance practices, must update his/her knowledge to become acquainted with the intricacies and potential pitfalls of these new organizational arrangements.

The principles and techniques discussed in this course are applicable to all branches of aviation, including commercial operations, the military, and general aviation. While this course is primarily concerned with larger commercial operators, almost all of the principles, lessons and examples are directly transferable across the spectrum of aircraft operations.

The course's primary elements include maintenance principles, investigative techniques and development of corrective actions. These elements are reinforced with actual incident and accident examples and case studies.

Who Should Attend

Given the predominance and complexity of maintenance-related events, it is essential that all investigators be conversant in the maintenance aspects of aircraft accident and incident investigations. This course is not intended exclusively for maintenance personnel or maintenance investigators.

This course will benefit a wide range of individuals who participate in aircraft accident or incident investigations, from maintenance specialists and generalist investigators. Furthermore, this course is vital for all investigation and safety managers. This course is also valuable for engineers who need a basic understanding of how their designs can influence aircraft maintenance practices, and thereby contribute to the overall safety of that design.

NOTE: While not absolutely required, it is highly recommended that anyone planning to attend the AMI course has either completed a basic course in aircraft accident investigation, or is familiar with basic investigative methods, processes and organizations.

How You Will Benefit

You will be introduced to aircraft maintenance practices and processes, with particular emphasis on how they relate to incidents and accidents.

You will learn about the relationship between component and system design to maintenance-related incidents and accidents.

You will learn the basic principles for conducting effective maintenance-related incident and accident investigations.

Practical application of these principles using multiple case studies from actual accidents and incidents.

You will review actual cases where aircraft maintenance factors have led to aircraft accidents, and learn how to determine what factual evidence is required for the investigation.

You will evaluate previous maintenance-related investigations in order to provide a better understanding of how or whether these investigations complied with the basic principles presented in the course.

You will learn about the viability and effectiveness of maintenance-related corrective actions

Evaluation of maintenance-related corrective actions from previous accidents.

You will practice development of appropriate and effective maintenance-related corrective action.


Course Topics

  • Brief overview of basic investigation processes, techniques and organizations.
  • Detailed reviews, utilizing the ATA chapters as the framework, of maintenance investigation concerns and issues. Note: The ATA (Air Transport Association) chapter system is the industry-wide categorization scheme for aircraft systems and components.
  • Introduction to overall methodologies, strategies and goals for maintenance investigations.
  • Emphasis on maintenance investigation plans, processes, tools and techniques.
  • Determination of maintenance-related factual information required when conducting incident and accident investigations.
  • Reviews of numerous real-world accidents and incidents.
  • Case study exercises using actual events.
  • Introduction to concepts regarding appropriate corrective actions.
  • Reviews of actual corrective actions to determine their viability and effectiveness
  • Exercises in the development of viable and effective corrective actions

Course Administration

The Aircraft Maintenance Investigation Course consists of 4.5 training days (36 hours of instruction). Students receive lecture outlines, additional reference material and a Certificate of Completion. Classes begin daily at 0800 and end at noon on the last day.