Customer Feedback & REviews

(IM 0318)
"Instructors knowledge and experience, sharing method, class composition – getting to know many experts from various agencies"
(IM 0318)
"Interaction with the fellow students is very important. Exchanging experience from the same field."
(FSO 0618)
"The instructor knows his material inside & out. Very well organized and great overview of what an FSO needs."
(FSO 0618)
"I did not come to the table with the same skill set as most other attendees and yet you adapted and made the course applicable"
(AAI 07180)
"Facility and Services are excellent. Denise and the Team took very good care of us."
(ORM 0918)
"Thank you very much for teaching this class with your enthusiastic way of presenting. Hope to get into another class with you."
(UAS 0918)
"I really enjoyed the variety of materials presented, videos, technologies and case studies"
(HFAM 0218)
"The instructor had relevant knowledge in the field we work which helps to relate things."
(GTAI 1118)
"Enjoyed the hands on experience, knowledgeable instructor, crash lab engine inspection and the technical knowledge gained."
(SMS-C 0119)
"I liked the most about the program that the fundamentals were explained and the ability to work through company problems and work with the class"
(FSO 0219)
"Thank you for this fantastic experience! I shall recommend to other’s!"
(AAI 0219)
"It was well organized, professionally conducted and the course covered very important aspects"
(HFAI 0219)
"Great Instruction (one of the best in the business); Great Examples and Case Studies; Relaxed Learning Environment"
(HFAI 0219)
"The instructors’ background knowledge of Human Factors was very thorough."
(AMI 0319)
"What I liked the most about the course is expertise of instructor and continues discussions throughout the week"
(ESI 0419)
"I loved the case studies"
(AAI 0719)
"Amazing knowledge and experience of the instructors."
(AAI 0719)
"Specially like the Crash Lab Study Exercises during the AAI course"
(HFAI 0719)
"Instructor is super knowledgeable and energetic!"
(FSO CHP 0919)
"The Graphics, Videos and other Media were among the best I have seen, it really helped facilitate learning."
(LCSMS CHP 0919)
"Great information as well as discussion, case studies very relevant and applicable."