Customer Feedback & REviews

Customer Feedback

The Southern California Safety Institute now offers online options for all courses. The courses are delivered live via Zoom with the option to view the recorded session as an alternative. Our crash labs (used for AAI, HFAI and GTAI) are now virtual and interactive, allowing the same methodology as our on-site series.

Student testimonials:


“This is what I signed up to learn.  Spot on.” 

“Great course, excellent staff and instructors - great stories and examples from their experience” 

“All Instructors did a great job of presenting the material. I was wondering how the crash lab was going to be pulled off and it worked perfectly. Well done!” 

“All-in-all, great course! I had fun going through the crash lab. A big "Thanks" to the whole team.” 

Human Factors


"I do not have a HF background nor psychology, but the way the material was presented and the various experiences and background of the instructor and students proved the relevance of this class for aviation professionals. I leaned things I never thought of and sparked my curiosity. Thank you Matt!" 


“Good introduction to the methodology of performing accident investigations.  An eye opener to how much work an investigation can be.” 

“Really liked the case studies related to human Factors and hands-on experience from the instructor.” 

“Instructors own experience and knowledge is a real added value to this course.” 



“Great information regarding Human Factors.  For someone new to the industry it was quite beneficial.” 

“Provided with tools to properly establish a proper program in Human Factors.” 



Flight Safety Officer

"Hi Richard,  Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and for all your great lessons. I feel so fortunate to have been placed in your class. As a facilitator you have given me the tools I need to face my future and manage my new upcoming Flight Safety Officer role."

"Richard,  Thank you for your recommendations. I’m not sure how I expected this class to go but I loved it. Its practicality is awesome and you’re a great instructor. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. Hoping that my company will see the value in taking classes from SCSI and hopefully I’ll be back for more." 

"Hi, Richard.  THANK-YOU so very much for all of your time and energy and leadership over the two courses that we spent together. And, thank-you for being so passionate about this subject; it makes the learning environment a much richer one. And, the willingness to share so much of your knowledge is impactful. Thank-you, Sir." 


“Great class and great instructor.” 

“Lots of great examples of SMS programs, both from the instructor and students.” 

“Great course, got me interested in learning more each day.” 

“Example scenarios of accidents and incidents from airlines helped me understand Safety Management better.” 

“Enjoyed presentation and the line of communication between the instructor and participants.” 

“The course was educating, including thoughts on how to improve safety and looking at safety form a broad perspective.”