Air Traffic Control Investigation (ATCI)

Duration: 2.5 days
CEUs: 2
Tuition: $1,895.00 USD

Air Traffic Control Services (ATS)/ Air Traffic Control (ATC) can be a source of critical information for accident investigators conducting aviation accident or incident investigations. ATS is a unique field within aviation, often utilizing highly specialized procedures and equipment. These procedures and equipment may vary widely between regions and sovereign states. In order for an Accident Investigator to effectively obtain and interpret information derived from Air Traffic Service providers, the investigator must have a basic understanding of the various types of ATC.

This course will review how the various elements of ATS/ATC have developed incrementally with other historical advances in aviation. Equipment, operational limitations, enroute, terminal and flight service and advisory facilities and airborne equipment will be presented. Terminal, enroute, hybrid, and military systems will be discussed. The capabilities of the systems covered will range from less developed regions where coverage is limited or non-existent and ATS services are rudimentary to the most advanced regional ATS system available. Data recording systems will be presented including information about what data is recorded and how the data can be retrieved for investigation purposes. The course concludes with information about how to conduct an investigation involving ATS/ATC and case studies.

Who Should Attend

This course is for any one involved aircraft accident or incident investigation who desires a more comprehensive understanding of information available from Air Traffic Services/Air Traffic Control.

How You Will Benefit

  • This course provides a comprehensive look at ATS/ATC and provides investigators the knowledge necessary to retrieve accident or incident data to aid in an investigation.
  • You will use case studies and practical exercises to reinforce and illustrate the subjects covered in the course.
  • This course is an elective course for the SCSI the Certificate in Aircraft Accident Investigation.
  • The Board of Certified Safety Professionals accepts this course for Continuation of Certification Credit.
  • SCSI will award 2 CEUs to each participant who successfully completes this course.

Course Topics

  • Basics of Air Traffic Control
  • Historical Perspective
  • Air Traffic Services Types and Functions
  • Equipment and Automation and ATC Automation Systems
  • Procedures
  • Human Factors
  • Conducting ATS Investigations
  • Initial Activities
  • Facility Orientation
  • Information Gathering
  • Requesting ATS Data
  • ATS Maintenance Issues and Maintenance Consequences
  • Personnel Interviews
  • Follow up activities and information gathering
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercises

Course Administration

The Air Traffic Control Investigation Course consists of 2.5 days (20 hours) of instruction. Students receive lecture outlines, additional reference material and a Certificate of Completion. Class begins Wednesday at noon and goes until 1700. Thursday, 0800-1700, Friday 0800-1200.