Chris Hallman

Mr. Chris Hallman has over 28 years of aviation safety experience with industry and the U.S. Air Force. Through SCSI, Chris provides aviation human factors consulting and training to improve operational safety for organizations involved in high criticality operations. Chris was instrumental in developing and delivering Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) training to the US Air Force and Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HFAM) to the FAA.

Chris is the former senior manager of voluntary safety programs at Delta Air Lines. His responsibilities included leading the human factors training department, AQP, ASAP and FOQA programs. Chris attended the NASA Fatigue Countermeasures school and has assisted with fatigue research and education at Delta Air Lines and the U.S. Air Force. Chris retired from the USAF Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel after 27 years of commissioned service. A C-130 Navigator and flying safety officer, Chris completed his Reserve career as the chief of operational risk management for Air Force Special Operations Command and a faculty curriculum developer for the distance learning program at USAF Air War College.