Emergency response & family assistance planning (ERFA)


Emergency Response & Family Assistance Planning (ERFA)

Duration: 2.5 days
CEUs: 2.
Tuition: $1,895.00 USD

“Appropriate, immediate and coordinated actions in response to emergencies and disruptions can significantly mitigate the severity of their impacts. It is therefore critical that stakeholders involved in air transport operations have in place emergency response and contingency plans (ERP) to ensure a rapid response and swift restoration and return to operations. An ERP is a comprehensive, operational-level document outlining specific roles, set of actions and timeframes to respond to unexpected situations, disruptions or potential disruptions.

                                                                                                                                                      -ICAO Emergency Response Planning


This course combines the aspects of emergency response and family assistance that your aviation organization must understand and comply with. Both civil and military content is woven into the subject material. 


Attendees are invited to bring their current emergency response plan for critique and evaluation.


How You Will Benefit:


This course will present the essentials of accident response planning to include setting up a response team to cover all aspects of accident response including care of survivors and families of victims.

At the completion of this course you will:

            Understand accident response requirements.

            Be familiar with accident investigation procedures.

            Be able to develop and train people to use an accident response plan for the participant’s own organization.


Course Subjects:

Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)

Contingency plans

Airport emergency plan recommendations

Plan development, promulgation and application

Air traffic services

Victim and family assistance


Financial support

Regulatory requirements

Dealing with media

Travel and loding

Unlawful interference safeguards

Heliport emergency plan recommendations

External agency coordination

Preparatory actions



Success amd failure case studies

Mental health support


Victim Remains

Government and non-government roles


Course Administration
The Emergency Response/Planning & Family Assistance course consists of 2.5 training days (19 hours of classroom instruction). Students receive lecture outlines, additional reference material and a Certificate of Completion. Daily class is 0800-16:30 and ends at 1200 on the final day of class.