Investigation Management (IM)

Duration: 4.5 days
CEUs: 3.6
Tuition:  $2,875 USD 

This course is a unique, practitioner-oriented course in the field of aircraft accident investigation and prevention designed for a wide range of government and industry aviation safety investigators and managers. It is designed specially for those who will be investigators in charge (IIC) or who will have to manage or participate in accident investigations in a variety of settings and situations ranging from small local accidents to large international settings. The principles covered in the course are applicable to civil and military investigation management. The course provides a unique opportunity for investigation managers, whether as single investigators, team leaders or IIC of a major investigation to learn from and interact with one of the most experienced investigation managers in the world. Taught in a seminar (workshop) format, the course discusses international standards and "best practices," but goes beyond what is written to tap the practical knowledge and experience of the instructor in accident investigation and prevention. The course addresses the subject from both the government and the industry perspective giving a unique breadth and depth to the coverage. As part of the course, time is made available to discuss the particular investigation management problems and current issues faced by each attendee.

Who Should Attend

Investigators, Investigation Managers [IICs], and anyone from governmental or commercial organizations interested in gaining an understanding of Investigation Management.

How You will Benefit

  • This course covers the issues and problems facing the investigation manager and presents some practical solutions for these problems and issues, citing real-world accidents of well managed investigations, as well as some that were not managed effectively.
  • Participants will learn how the key elements of an effective investigation interrelate and how to manage and control these elements in the context of standards and best practices from the knowledge and experience of the instructors.
  • Participants will learn how to organize and manage an investigation as well as how to gain insight into the required decision-making processes.
  • Participants will be instructed how to develop and implement an investigation plan from both a government and industry perspective. Participants will understand the processes for preparation of the investigation record, the final report and safety actions.
  • Participants will be encouraged to discuss their specific investigation management problems and issues with the instructors, who are experienced experts in the field.
  • This course is accepted by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals for Continuance of Certification Credit.
  • SCSI will award 3.6 CEUs to each participant who successfully completes this course.

Course Topics

  • Pre-event preparation
  • Qualifications and Training of the IIC and other investigators
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Contingency Planning
  • Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Accident / Incident Notifications
  • Communications: internal -- external
  • Media Relations
  • Family Assistance Matters
  • Coordination with Emergency Response Agencies
  • Criminal Issues
  • Investigator / Go-Team Dispatch
  • Site Security
  • Records Security (aircraft, personnel, weather, air traffic, etc.)
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Command Post and Other Logistics
  • Jurisdictional Issues
  • On-Scene Management
  • Organizational Meeting
  • Wreckage Site Management
  • Bio Hazard Control
  • Decision Making Process
  • Progress Meetings
  • Participants
  • Rules, policies, procedures
  • Disseminating Factual Data
  • Interim Safety Actions
  • Field Notes
  • Public Docket
  • When to Stop the Investigation
  • Close-out of Accident Site
  • Wreckage release, retention of parts, and documents
  • Land Mines and Booby traps
  • Costs
  • Insurance companies
  • Attorneys
  • Subpoenas, Depositions and Expert Testimony
  • Off Site Testing
  • External Influences
  • Hidden Agendas
  • Investigative Reports -- Factual
  • Investigative Reports -- Analytical
  • Final Reports and Safety Actions

Course Administration

The Investigation Management course consists of 5 training days (36 hours of classroom instruction.) Students receive lecture outlines, additional reference material and a Certificate of Completion. Classes begin daily at 0800 and end at noon on Friday. The course coordinator is Denise Davalloo. Denise will be on-site daily during the course to assist in administrative and logistical matters.