safety risk management (srm) 





Duration: 2.5 days
CEUs: 2
Tuition: $1,895.00 USD


Course Objective

To provide Safety Managers/Flight Safety Officers and line managers with safety responsibilities with processes and tools to more effectively manage their Safety Risk Management & Safety Assurance program.

Course Description

Safety Management Systems (SMS) is the ICAO standard for implementing a systematic approach to managing safety within aviation organizations.

In this course you will learn to apply several risk management techniques and processes to everyday aviation operations at all levels of the decision-making process to ensure the greatest potential for enhancing safety within your organization. Attendees will learn how to identify, analyze, evaluate and control all types of risks as well as learn methods for providing your accountable executive assurance your risk management program is effective.

As this course is designed for those who already have a sound SMS foundation, SCSI’s Safety Management Systems-Complete class is a pre-requisite to attend Safety Risk Management.

This is a 2.5 day, 20 hour course.

Course Outline

  • How does RM fit into SMS?
  • Identifying risk
  • How likely is likely?
  • Estimating consequence
  • Risk controls
  • Safety assurance
  • Measuring safety performance
  • Alternative risk methodologies