SCSI awarded IS-BAO Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) certification

By Matt Robinson - February 5, 2022

In today’s busy world with challenging workforce issues, you may need help getting through the six-step process to your IS-BAO registration. Or maybe you are ready to move up to Stage 2 or 3 but need some consultative support to help you accomplish your goals.  

The IS-BAO Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) can help you get there!  SCSI has been vetted by IBAC and the IS-BAO Standards Board so you can be assured of quality support from knowledgeable professionals. 

The Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) was designed to identify vendors who actively support business aviation operators and ground handlers with implementing, seeking registration to, or maintaining registration to the IBAC International Standards (IS-BAO and IS-BAH). 

IBAC has redesigned this affiliate programme to recognize exceptional businesses that actively assist organizations with improved and more effective safety standards in the context of an IBAC International Standards programmes. 

IS-BAO and IS-BAH PSA vendors are required to demonstrate their ability to positively support the programme during initial application and any renewal of affiliation. 

The goal of the PSA programme is for IBAC to provide a validated list of third-party vendors that will support organizations seeking to implement the IBAC Standards Programmes through to registration.

SCSI stands ready to assist you and your organization in all of these matters. We look forward to working with and for you.

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