Sally Glenn Lee

Sally Glenn-Lee is a lifelong transportation industry professional. Her career spans 50 years and includes designing and administering U.S. domestic and international training programs for airline cabin and cockpit crew. She has also conducted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety certifications of crew and aircraft, written policies and procedures for inflight manuals. Sally has experience with over 10 airlines where she evaluated and created solutions for training and performance problems, served as a Project Leader to develop Simulation Training Systems which included a training syllabus for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Sally has been a Research and Expert Witness for various airlines and lawyers, participated in a New York Port Authority Safety Project and provides Human Resources, global negotiations & mediation and Recruiting expertise.

Sally’s qualifications include Airline Cabin Crewmember, Senior Inflight Leadership/Management, Aircraft Certification, and Cockpit and Cabin Crew Training, initial start-up operations at four startup airlines (Southwest, Regent, Hawaii Express and Muse/Transtar). Sally was recruited by industry suppliers, such as Burtek in Oklahoma where she spent a portion of her career training global industry personnel including commercial airline and corporate cockpit and cabin crewmembers. Sally has also conducted Emergency Evacuation Training for the U.S. Secret Service. At Thomson CSF (Training and Simulation Systems Division – France), Sally initiated and created a new product concept from beginning to end, ultimately bringing the product to market. Sally was specifically hired to be the voice of the airlines inside the Marketing, Manufacturing and to setup processes for customers including, but not limited, to British Airways, Royal Jordanian, Singapore, American and Delta Airlines.

Sally has been an author/presenter at various worldwide technical conferences including Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and International Technical Engineering Conference (ITEC), London, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Los Angeles, and Air China Training Conference in Beijing. Sally has authored and delivered technical papers such as Who is the Customer?, Current and Future Trends in Cabin Training Simulation, We’ve Come a Long Way in Cabin Training Simulation, How to Define your Cabin Training Needs, and Cabin Trainers: Doors and More. Sally is often asked to be a guest speaker at museums, where she presents on the “Golden Age of Air Travel.”